Retaining Walls

Process for building great retaining walls

Understanding the brief,

Using the correct architect and engineers to design for the right regional conditions

Having a company that’s experienced and understands building in those conditions

Then having the right equipment/machinery for the project, this allows for efficiency and on time commitments

Each Project needs specific diggers with the right team for effectiveness

Using the right machinery during your project

Example, tight access projects – we use the 1.8 ton digger and this machine can fit in a1100 gap and can drill 300-600 diameter holes, 3m deep.

Larger Projects – we use the14 ton digger, can drill 300-900 diameter, 12 meters deep

Types of retaining walls we build

  • Wooden pile walls
  • Concrete pile walls
  • In ground barrier pile walls
  • Wooden Crib walls
  • Block walls

Benefits of Using Mitchell Earthmoving for retaining walls

  • Communication is vital, we keep you in the loop at all times
  • Have machinery/labour for types of projects
  • Several years of experience in building all types of wall on Waiheke on challenging sites
  • Leaving sites clean

Definition of Retaining walls:

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