Mitchell Earthmoving Services

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  • Earthmoving – subdivisions, roading, house sites, driveways, footings, basement excavations
    Why use us for your projects? We are local and are very experienced with Waiheke’s challenging conditions and confined spaces. We are committed to quote and deliver on all sites – whether simple or difficult. All our staff are trained and hold appropriate licenses for their machinery and equipment. Our range of machinery and trucks makes us versatile and able to complete your project efficiently.
  • Drilling – house piles, retaining walls
    All our excavators are capable of drilling. We are able to drill in all areas, including confined spaces, up to ten meters deep.
  • Constructing Walls – retaining walls, barrier pile walls, sea walls, rock walls, wooden walls, concrete columns
    We are experienced at building walls in testing conditions involving shore lines, road sides and slip areas.
  • Landscaping – ground contouring, handrails
    We are highly experienced with all landscaping projects. Our staff enjoy the challenge of contouring the ground, forming platforms and creating pathways or whatever your requirements are around your new or existing home or property.
  • Transporting – machine transport up to 14 ton
  • Project Management
  • Cartage – metal, rock, topsoil, fill
  • Demolition – house buildings, section clearing, rock breaking
  • Concreting – driveways, footpaths, concrete piles